“Los Hombres G” showed me that you can be irreverent, romantic and funny at the same time and that’s okay. That music is interpreted and lived as it feels. Which is changeable like life itself. Never, not even in my wildest dreams, would I have imagined that I would be able to sing with one of my great idols, but even less did I imagine that he would become a dear and beloved friend to me. I’m Faaan,  And I don’t care


The song of power, strength, energy. He has always given me the push when I have needed it the most throughout my life. Everything is the same reinterpreted with new words and concepts. We all go through the same thing. We learn and we grow. Boomers, GenX, Millennials, GenZ and those who come, we all count the same but reinterpreted. Live and let live! Roco, we share a retroactive and unstoppable energy dear friend.


Connecting with Andrea in admiration, in eccentricity, in the total difference that attracted us and in the power and feminine strength, has been the great surprise of this musical experiment. Go Flower Power!. “¡Arriba los ovarios bien llevados!” (Egg up)

Trembling, near fainting, was how I met Charli. In my mind he was straight out of the “Soda Stereo” poster I had in my bedroom as a teenager. Seeing his eyes, his smile, his silver hair, playing his incomparable drums for me to make one of my dreams come true, it was shocking to me! You intuitively became friends, without explanation, just like that!

This song by Mecano accompanied me in each of my love breakups (which were several.) It is a musical self-torture type song, with the idealized idea of ​​love and that only an adolescent heart understands.

This song hurts me! They are the kind that always evoke an element of something past, something that left unrecoverable, something that we all feel. This is that role for me. It is a feeling of what was and will never be again, suspended in the many layers of quantum time.

The best way to handle a bad relationship, breaking up, burning memories and leaving the past behind. The good vibes of the fly make a sentimental breakup a more bearable adventure.

The feeling this song gives me takes me back to days and nights on the road on tour, chasing my dreams. From city to city, thinking about how to make them come true and get them before someone pushes the button! What distress!

Always a fan of Los Toreros Muertos, all their irreverent songs drive me crazy…literally! Charly Garcia strongly marking my way of seeing life with I’m not going by train, I’m going by plane. Miguel Mateos and the endless list of powerful songs, Obsession being the perfect one for this Mixtape. Lola’s Lovers cannot better describe the feeling of paranoia that comes from time to time when reality overwhelms us. This is one of my hundreds of favorite MIXTAPES that keep me going.

Magic Circus, 80’s, “Enanitos”, “Muralla”, sing it, sing it, dance it. The climax of singing in one voice, “Con el Amor de Ayer”, envelops the power that music has to unify people regardless of their personal histories.

This is one of those songs that captures those moments of loneliness and loss for me. Of emptiness and fear. This is a constant song that comes on to remind me that this fight is spiritual. It is against the giants that the mind charges and takes us away from our being. It makes me cling closer to the rock of my faith.